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Freon®-22* Refrigerant - The clean Air Act of 1990 Prohibits the production of Freon-22 based air conditioners and Heat pumps by 2010.

Puron® Refrigerant - Puron refrigerants is chlorine-free and won't damage the Earth's ozone layer.

Things to consider before you buy a Heating and Cooling System


Greenspeed™ Intelligence - Reduced energy use and reduced temperature swings thorough out the home.

Comfort Heat Technology® Feature - Predicts the need for heating while cutting temperature swings in half.

​Infinity® System -
Combining the heat pump or air conditioner and Carrier humidifier with a variable speed furnace or fan coil, you control the temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed and ventilation. for peak efficiency and performance. 

Ideal Humidity System® Technology - Automatically adds or removes moisture .



With both a heat pump and a furnace, keeping you comfortable throughtout every season.  The heat pump is designed to work like an air conditioner during the warmer months, transferrin heat from inside your home and sending it outside. As the seasons change, the heat pump reverses this process by extracting heat from outdoor air and moving it into your home all while using less energy.



Afue - (Annual Fuel 
Utilization Efficiency)

HSPF- (Heating Seasonal Performance Factory)

SEER - (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

Energy Star (Guidelines 
for energy efficiency.)

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Home comfort shouldn't come at your ears' expense. That's why quiet is built right into every system.  Carrier furnaces feature the QuieTech™ noise reduction system that provides comfortable heat while generating very little noise in the process.  
Carrier air conditioners are also quiet, thanks to the exclusive Silencer™System that ensure extra-quiet performance by maximizing airflow while maximizing vibration.